Professionally: I believe in collaboration....

I remember when I was a fitness trainer it was popular for personal trainers to add nutrition advice to their list of services. Then came counselling. I always felt that it was important for me to be aware of where my skillset ends and another persons begins.

Professionally at least. Ursula and i were renovating houses in the early 2,000's and I ended up learning a whole host of skills from plastering to pipework. Although that was mainly due to budgetary restraints at that time.

For a while, when I moved into digital marketing I thought it was good to know how to build websites, write email, create paid ad campaigns, provide search engine optimisation.

Again, when starting up it's often a neccessity. 

But these days I remember that mantra of championing other peoples skills and expertise, and using my skills to work together to make those a success.

Some of the following projects are my own and others are collaborations with experts who want to zero in on their zone of expertise and leave me to mine.

My main website where I offer email copywriting for a percentage of found revenue.

A collaboration with one of the world's most respected Neurologists.

A collaboraton with Jessica Neville who is an expert in menopause fitness.

A collaboraton with Mike Samuels, a leading copywriter in many niches including fitness.

A collaboraton with Paul Laslett who is owns a number of personal training businesses.

A collaboraton with Dr Steve Williams who is a world leading expert in Chiropractic for pregnant women, infants and babies,

Personal life: We are family

It's not a cliche that everything I do is for my little family. We have fun.

My wife and two sons are what motivates me to be better and I design my work life around them.

I am hugely grateful I get to be there for my boys school drop offs, pick ups and all the important milestones in their lives. 
I can support my wife in her incredibly successful business too as she makes waves in her industry.

You'll likely find most of what you need to know about me on Facebook. To a degree... 

You'll see..

I share mostly things I think are funny and some personal things about the extreme health challenges I have faced, and what I do about them. Let's be friends.

As for professional stuff keep reading.


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