About Tim Tavender...

Things you ought to know...
Plus some you'd rather not...

Do you know how hard it is to write about yourself?

Tim, prefers not to talk about himself in the third person, since it is he who is writing this. So shall we agree that from now on, he'll start to write in the first person?

Phew, we have got that out of the way. I'm glad you found me, truly.

Because the first thing you should know about me, is even though I'm on the internet, I love people.

When I was younger, so much younger that today, when I went out of an evening my friends could tell if I had been on my own in the office that day.

That was way back in the day but it hasn't changed. I love all kinds of people. It's why I like to bring a live element to my online business, why I do a podcast and why I run masterminds.

The main thing to note at this point is that I steered firmly away from working with big corporate firms. I did some digital marketing consultancy for BT, Merck, Clovis, Abbott and other not quite so enormous companies, and what I realised is I like to work with companies where I see, or even experience the difference my work makes to them.

Seeing, people go from complete uncertainty in their business to peace and security knowing where their next sale is coming from is what makes me tick.

I love it.

I love the difference I can make to their lives and that of their family.

You just don't get that with large corporations.

Some personal stuff

I am a family man first and foremost and everything I do professionally is done so I can look after my sons Xav and Neo and be 50% of an awesome team with my wife Ursula and spend as much time with them as possible.

Neo is so called because it means 'The Gift'. In 2015 I undertook transplant surgery where I received a second chance with a new kidney after my own had failed.

It meant we could even consider having a second child and so we feel like Neo is indeed a gift.

And you thought it was to do with the Matrix, and no Xav isn't because we are X Men fans either, we just love the name.

Business  stuff

I started out on my own in 2002 an ran a fitness business. After a career change in 2009 I then went on to start this digital marketing consultancy. Not the smartest move given we were still in a huge recession but I was able to figure out quickly that the world of digital had a slight different set of rules.

The way I set up my business has been lean and flexible. I can work from anywhere at anytime and I can use this fantastic era of opportunity to my advantage so I can create a business of one, that would have been a business of several in decades past. That's what I need you to conclude from even the briefest of visits to this website.

More personal stuff

I live in the South of England in a beautiful village and most of my close family are local. I am very "outdoorsy" very practical and if I had to name a super power it would be resourcefulness. Comes in handy with two very lively boys in the house.

I am married to an absolute goddess. She is as beautiful to the eye as she is to the ear. She has supported me throughout multiple "idea" most of which didn't see the light of day. She's my rock, especially when health has been more than an issue.

I couldn't do any of what I do without her. I proud to say she has created her own spectacular business helping companies to become more flexible - check it out.

So, final words. 

I want for you to be able to make the decisions you want to make while you are here on this planet. So much had to happen for you to be here. A super-sized star had to blow up (depending on beliefs granted), but you being here, reading this far is miracle enough, so you should make life count. You can have it all.

Thank you.