Creating Winning Facebook Ads to Get Clients (Part one)

ads facebook Dec 02, 2019

Back in the day, and I'm talking 2002 here when I started my PT business our marketing options were limited.

  • No Google
  • No Social Media
  • Websites were shite
  • Email was new

We used to have to place ads in the Yellow pages or local papers and just hope the right people saw our ads alongside other more laborious tasks like leafletting (although very effective).

Now with digital marketing like social media and Google they either see us regulrly in their feed or they find us when they search. It’s totally flipped marketing on its head and you need to take advantage of this while it's still cheap to acquire customers.

If you’ve had success with advertising before then this should serve to help further reduce costs of leads and sales.

If you’ve tried ads and got nothing then you definitely need to read step one here.

If you’ve never tried ads then this is a great grounding for you when you do try, but if you need more help reply to this message and I'll send you some resources.

So, I’m assuming that you know what you’re offering and to whom at this stage so this is about reaching your ideal customers with your offer.

Example: Busy Professional Women aged 30-40 who live in Fareham with more than a stone to lose.

You will choose either lead ads or conversion ads depending on your skill level. It's easier to set up lead ads if you're new.

The first proper step in getting clients with your lead generation ads in Facebook is the audience set up. 

Or in other words finding the right people to serve your ads to. 

This means targeting people who live in a reasonable distance from where you work or being super defined if you are an online trainer in terms of your niche.

They must have the right demographic too including gender and age.

Plus any interests that would mean they are most like the ideal customer for example job titles, industry, homeownership, parents and hundreds of others. i'll let you in on a secret in a second about that though.

In terms of audience size that Facebook shows you, it can be very misleading so you have to use your common sense there. For example, if your audience estimate is 50k when you select women in your targeting and you know there is only 50k people in your town then something is not quite right,

I'd be looking for an audience of around 10k so play with the audience targeting a bit there. But you know, some towns just don't have a big reach so again set it so it feels right.

The secret...

I feel a bit bad, like I wasted some time of yours, but you need to understand the audience set up process.

The thing is. I don't use interest targeting much for local trainers. I let the FB lead ad Artificial Intelligence do it's job and find the right folks using it's 400k data points. 

Yes you read that right.

Facebook can see pages we visit, products we buy, things we like, who we are, how we browse and so on. THey use all that info to get the right ads in front of the right folks.

That's why you need to use Lead Ads or Conversion ads (or messenger) because you'll get more leads or convserions (or chats) rather than likes, comments or WOW emojis :0

So, get the main demographics set up and save the audience.

Targeting People with money

We used to be able to target by net worth until those pesky hackers ruined it.

Now there are a few options we can use to target those who have some dough.

One is to target by post code areas of wealth or by certain "high end" shops or even jobs. They can be unreliable though.

The best one is to set up audiences based on the existing customers or data you already have!

If you have a list of customers that have bought that match your ideal target customer then you are golden.

I share how to do this in my new training program as it's more advanced and super dooper valuable.

I am runing a 30 day group training to take fitness professionals to another level in their Facebok customer creation to the point they'll have other trainers asking to pay them to do their ads, like what i do!

More details are here - we'll arrange the best start time once we have secured all the spaces.

We have around 6 left at the time of this blog:

Any other questions email me at [email protected]

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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